Saturday, 29 March 2014

Planet Side 2 Free Download

Planet Side 2 Free Download
Planetside 2’s most expansive fire-fights might be among the most intense you've ever had. The massive first-person battles make you fear every step and celebrate every kill, knowing that one small victory contributes to the greater cause...

PlanetSide 2 is a MMOFPS in which you must choose one of the three empires available to defend their territories and ensure complete domination over the world, spreading their ideology in the process.
With maps without borders (loading screen), which defines the domain over a given region is the conquest of buildings. That is, instead of getting in matches that end when one team reaches the goal, you enter a battle that never ends: conquer more locations while online and see if they were protected when back playing again.
There are six different classes, each with very specific functions, among which you can switch freely to suit the style of soldiers needed for a given operation. Players can act freely join or without commitment, combat squadrons. Through them, you can use the voice chat system built into the game, enabling the team to act neatly towards the same goal.
  • Play PlanetSide 2 requires registration, click here to create an account.


  • W, A, S and D : drive;
  • Left click : shoot;
  • Right click : crosshair;
  • Spacebar : jump;
  • Ctrl: Lower;
  • Shift: run;
  • M key : map;
  • Key E : interaction;
  • R Key : Reload
  • Z button : use voice chat;
  • Enter : written using chat;
  • Esc : options.
File Size:
3.12 GB
Dual-core or higher / AMD Phenom II X2 or higher
4 GB
OS Support:
Windows XP | 7 | 8 | 8.1
Date Added:
Mar 29, 2014
You can download the game for free by clicking the download link below, but you need to install the utorrent which you can download it from this download utorrent link. or any torrent downloader only then you can download this, because it is a torrent file.if there is any problem feel free to comment,Thanks!

Planet Side 2 Free Download

Space Bubbles Free Download

Space Bubbles Free Puzzle Game For PC

Amazing games with a total of over 200 different levels! There are extraordinary power-ups and amazing bonuses to discover within every puzzle! Enjoy endless hours of bubble blasting action...

This informal game follows the line of the classic Bubbles subject. You're offered a handful of lines regarding coloured tennis balls, which you must remove by capturing matching balls on the bottom from the screen with all your ball firearm. Every period you control you assemble three or more balls from the same colouration, they'll disappear on the screen.

Space Bubbles attributes three different gaming modalities (Arcade, Challenge and Puzzle) along with different aspires. While you possibly can keep participating in the Arcade method forever – just completing amount after amount – the task mode defies a person beat time plus the Puzzle method adds a supplementary task in order to ball mashing: collecting expensive diamonds.

In most three modalities Space Pockets features good game-play, with remarkably precise mouse-controlled actions and an array of cool power-ups. For the downside, game levels are usually too brief and as well easy.

File Size:
6.8 MB
File Name:
OS Support:
Windows XP | 7 
Date Added:
Mar 29, 2014

Space Bubbles Free Download

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Sonic Games 1.0 Free Download

Sonic Games 1.0   Free Download

 Well now you can relive the old days with this great all in one Sonic game collection. Best of all, it´s free. Any Windows PC with Adobe Flash and IE should be able to run it. 128MB+ of RAM is recommended...

Size:                     7.67MB
Release Date:    2008-04-22
OS:                      Win 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP/2K3

Dragon Ball Z 1.0 Free Download

Dragon Ball Z 1.0 Free Download

Dragon Ball Z: Play Dragon Ball Z against a friend.

Download and play for free the classic action game DragonBall Z against another human player...

You get to choose from popular characters such as Goku, Gohan and Freeza, different levels to play and in-game music...

Start fighting and experience all the characters and their specific moves and crush your opponent...

License:             Freeware
Latest Version:  1.0

Platform:            Windows 
File size:             1.16 Mb

Counter Strike 1.6 Free Download

Counter Strike 1.6  Free Download

Counter Strike: World popular shooter game

Steam Client including Counter Strike 1.6

Counter Strike was at first a modification of Half-Life, called “Half-Life: Counter Strike”. Its popularity increased rapidly and it became an individual game.

Play the most popular online team-based action shooter! Support your teammates, complete missions, eliminate all your opponents and take out their sites to win.

Quickly access Valve games like Half-Life, Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike Condition Zero through Steam. Steam provides an instant-message client that also works in-game and updates the games automatically.

Although Steam is an online gaming platform, it’s basically a distributed file system and shared set of technology components that can be implemented into any other software application. Steam is an easy way to access a variety of Valve games, including games like Counter-Strike 1.6, which introduces the new riot shield, the official CS bot and more.

- Play and download the latest Valve games (like Counter-Strike 1.6 )
- Get automatic updates (no more patching!)
- Chat with friends, even while you play
- Join the Steam community and meet new gamers from around the world
- Find the best servers & find your friends' games
- Receive Steam exclusive special offers and demos

License:                Free
Latest Version:    1.6
Platform:               Windows
Category:             Games
Subcategory:       Action
File size:                370.12 Mb